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, ginger, thank you. >>> we do move on this evening to what could be a turning point for america and our involvement in syria. tonight, violent new clashes erupting right where the alleged chemical weapons attacks took place this week. and this evening a haunting new number. one million children without homes, some of them ripped from their parents. that's the equivalent of all the children and boston and lls combined. tonight it's what the president is now saying about those attacks that signals america might soon be involved. martha raddatz on the region on what it was the president said. >> reporter: these are the images that have had the white house huddled in marathon meetings. the suspected chemical attack, syrian women, children, estimates ranging upward of 1,000 killed. >> what we've seen indicates this is clearly a big event of grave concern. >> reporter: speaking to cnn, the president raising the stakes. >> that starts getting to some core national interests that the united states has. >>eporter: syria's chaos. its chemical weapons and its breeding of terror, a threat to the en
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she did. >>> and now we head overseas because there are new images posing a challenge to america's leadership around the world. did the syrian government use chemical weapons against its own people, women and children? is there new evidence? we warn are the images can be disturbing as abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz tonight searches for the truth. >> reporter: the pictures are gut wrenching, the rebels say these are mothers, fathers, children killed while they slept in their homes in a damascus suburb. they say the syrian regime fired rockets against its people carrying poisonous gas, leaving the innocent con vulsing, foaming at the mouth, suffocating. >> i would be surprised if it turned out to be a the images a impossible to verify for certain and the regime say the allegations are baseless but we showed them to a weapons expert. >> the only explanation i can see is this looks like this fellow's nerves are being destroyed potentially by something like sarin. >> reporter: the white house said today it's deeply concerned but the white house has said that b
. it is crawling along in the bay. the closest point to america is brownsville, texas. the forecast shows it will run out of real estate soon. it will rain out over central mexico likely. it is more active next week. so 60 tonight and comfortably clear. tomorrow 87 and tons of sunshine and a little stickier. i think we have a widespread deal for wednesday. thursday and friday is pushing 90 for labor day weekend. what a rare treat. looks good. >> all right. first day of school no problem. >> no problems. >>> we have baby pictures to show you when we come back. >> closed captioning brought to you by luna. [ man ] launch sequence initiated. [ beep ] 15 seconds and counting. [ male announcer ] at kfc we have one mission. and t minus 10...9... serve the world's best tasting chicken. that's why our whole chicken is delivered fresh. 8... and prepared fresh by real cooks. 7... with kfc's world famous secret recipes. t-minus 5, 4... taste why fresh is better. 2...1... try an 8-piece meal of our freshly prepared chicken, 2 large sides and 4 biscuits, now with 10 of our new hot shot bites, all for j
wins. he wins. >> thanks, elizabeth. >>> we're going to turn to the crisis in egypt. and america's response. while members of congress continue to debate whether to cut off u.s. aid to egypt, the military regime is escalating the crackdown by arresting a leader of the opposition. abc's martha raddatz is on the ground in cairo with all the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. egyptian security forces overnight arrested the spiritual head of the muslim brotherhood, took him away. they have detained him. all the egyptian security forces wearing bulletproof vests. this is all of the muslim brotherhood leadership that's been arrested. this adds to the tension here, although, they have put in a replacement as the spiritual head right now. we are actually over tahrir square. it seems fairly calm here this morning. there's a few tents set up. fairly peaceful. we just don't know what's coming next. >> and talk about turnabouts. some reports that the former president, mubarak, who has been under arrest for much of the last year, might actually be released? >> re
america's best today to ask about our newest lenses, transitions vantage and transitions xtractive lenses. experience life well lit. ask which transitions adaptive lens is best for you >>> thanks for joining us this morning. award wink mystery writer eleanor leonard has passed away. produced get shorty, 52 pickup, and many of those books were adapted into screen. leonard suffered a stroke two weeks ago. the author died in his home in michigan. >>> new information this morning on beau biden's son -- or beau biden, the son of vice president joe biden. there's word he is being evaluated at a cancer center in texas. biden felt weak and disoriented after driving to indiana for a family vacation. this is not the first health scare for beau biden who became delaware's attorney general in 2007. after a mild stroke in may of 2010 he spent a week at the hospital and more than a month recuperating at home. >>> health problems that forced aretha franklin from attend an event in chicago. major league baseball was set to honor her as the beacon of change honor row. she says she's unable to travel. she
tonight, gasoline prices and how much it costs to fill your tank. the average price of gas in america dropped to 3.56 for a gallon of regular. that's down 7 cents in one week. the prices also 16 cents lower than this time last year. >>> and if you're planning a car trip, tonight something to give you second thoughts about taking your pet for a ride. a new crash test shows just how dangerous it is even if your dog is strapped in tight, abc's david kerley with the jarring results. >> reporter: there isn't a lot that makes a dog happier than lapping up the wind out a car window. more and more owners, though, worried about their pet safety are using restraints. but are they safe? look at this crash test dummy dog and how the restraint breaks when the brakes are slammed on. >> lot of these are failing? >> lot of them are failing. >> reporter: for the last several months the center iii fete safety using a third party test lab to see thousand restraints on the market actually work. a dummy dog wearing several different versions. the research is being funded by the car company subaru. one hal
morning america. >>> we've got breaking news right here in baltimore. >> absolutely. we are going to send you off to good morning america but stay on top of this breaking news. coming out of west baltimore, four people shot. the victims were taken to shock trauma. we have a crew on the scene. stay with us. as good morning america rolls on we have updates throughout the day. >> we're done here for right now. we're always with you at we'll be back in 25 minutes for news, weather and traffic. [ kool-aid man ] i'm just like everybody else. oh yeah! i put my pants on one leg at a time except my pants are 22 different flavors. but other than that, i'm completely normal. [ male announcer ] now introducing new kool-aid liquid. smile, it's kool-aid. >>> good morning, america. breaking now, brand-new fires burst across the west. erratic winds, spreading new firestorms from oregon to california right now. the dry, hot weather and lightning making it fierce on the fire lines. >>> the vice president's son, beau biden hospitalized after an alarming finding on a family vacation. a growing
of mortgage-backed securities. it comes one day after we learned the government is suing bank of america. >>> and crash tests this morning show your new car might not protect you in an accident as well as you might think. of 12 small cars tested, only the honda civic earned the top safety rating. and half of the cars tested, were rated marginal or poor. >>> police in new jersey say two thieves who posed as golfers, may have been targeting country clubs from florida to massachusetts in recent weeks. they say the men made off with thousands of dollars in cash and credit cards, after hitting three new jersey clubs. they were arrested after allegedly targeting the locker room of another exclusive club last month. >>> and finally, a little -- trying to get mom's attention. that's what happened with this bear. he was trying to get up on that jet ski. he was trying to distract mom who was interested in eating a fish. when she didn't share her share, he was on the jet ski to go catch his own. hopefully didn't leave the keys. that might have been funny. or a man in a bear suit. >> thank you, amy.
% containment. it is still growing. we'll have a live update on "good morning america." >>> the search for a missing woman in oakland, california, has led police to a person of interest. they're combing through a fairgrounds after questioning a registered sex offender who dated sandra coke 22 years ago. he was spotted with her on sunday, the day she went missing. he has a long criminal history, that includes kidnapping and rape. and he was previously charged in two murders. >> we have not arrested this person in this case. but we are looking at this person as a person of interest. they have had history of dating. they are known to each other. >> coke is an investigator for the federal public defender's office. her family and friends have put up a $100,000 reward. >>> two college friends of suspected boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsaranev, face charges for throwing away fireworks and other items they found in tsaranev's dormroom before capture. if crickonvicted, they will spe0 years in prison. >>> the atlantic hurricane season has been fairly quiet so far. but there may be busy months
be the newest feature. more stories coming up on good morning america. [ male announcer ] say goodbye to suits and suitcases, and say hello to the white sands and sunny beaches of northwest florida. feel good getaways. that's how we fly. southwest airlines is offering nonstop service from bwi airport to panama city beach, florida, starting at $120 one-way. book now online, only at we are southwest. welcome aboard. >>> good morning, america. breaking new details on the dramatic end to a six-day hostage ordeal. 16-year-old hannah anderson rescued after an fbi shootout. the heroes on horseback who found her speak out this morning. >>> it sounded like a car hitting the building. breaking overnight, swallowed up. the massive sinkhole opening up under a popular florida vacation spot. more evacuated. we're live at the scene. >>> i wanted to dedicate this award to cory. >> a surprise appearance by "glee" star lea michele, speaking about her love and the loss of boyfriend costar cory monteith. why no one expected this heart felt tribute right now. >>> and carrie underwood is here live, l
to new york and good morning america. lynette charles is is standing by as we continued and you have stressed we may not be out of the woods for the day. >> so we have the round this morning and we have not had the cold front move through. once that slides through a little later we can see another round of the clashing of the air masses possibly more severe weather. >> all right. as you can find out the latest on this going to and bc2an and twitter and storm shield app and take advantage and we will stay on the story throughout the course of the day bringing outmost accurate information that we know now to new york be safe out there. jon karl from the white house. >> reporter: a clear sign she has not retired from politics. hillary clinton gave her first major policy speech since stepping down as secretary of state. and made it clear there's much more to come. she's back. in a speech before the american bar association, hillary clinton announced she plans to give a series of big policy speeches in the coming months. monday night, she addressed voting rights and racial di
to quote reprogram funding to the country. under america law should it be declared a coo it would be illegal for the u.s. to restore any financial aid until democratic government was established. while it sounds like semantics, designating the money is being programmed here. it allows the administration wiggle room to decide funding. it's been 6 weeks since they removed the country's president morsi. as for the affairs right now cairo remains under a a state of emergency. a dusk till dawn curfew is in place. >>> there will be an invest into the deadly trench collapse in anne arundel county. a 25-year-old man was digging a hole to put up a deck. he was about 9 feet down digging the footers on leyton lane. >>> our 2013 coverage, congressman andy harris will listen to concerns. he's hosting a town hall meeting in fruit land. he will answer questions about the work he's doing in washington. he represents married's first congressional district that includes the eastern shore as well as parts of baltimore, harford and carroll counties. >>> the orioles continued a show down with the rays
your vacation at the new state of new york. welcome. >>> welcome back. topping "america's money," all eyes are on wall street this monday. as nervous investors return after the market posted its worst week since june. the dow had dropped 1.5% by the closing bell on friday. >>> the younger generation is getting tired of light beer. 20% of people in the early to late 20s prefer the stronger stuff. manufacturers are blaming bad spring weather and the sluggish economy. >>> looks like apple is close to unveiling the latest iphone. the upgrade to the iphone 5 may debut on september 10th. >>> science fiction and fantasy beating out romance this week end. "elysium" topping out the box office. that beat out two newcomers. "we're the millers" and "praens" the spin-off of cars. >>> the brain yax in the family are getting more of the parents' time and money and attention. parents were more likely to enroll high-performing kids in extracurricular activities, share meals with them. parental resources tend to be more limited for other children. >> if you have this special child, how ca
of america's great allies in this region awash in blood. last month, i witnessed peaceful protests here. when i returned yesterday, i found a country with scars that will take decades to heal. it began with the military ousting of mohammed morsi, egypt's first-ever democratically elected president and the leader of the muslim brotherhood party. morsi supporters refused to stop demonstrations, despite threats from the military. which moved in last wednesday to crush them. more than a thousand people have been killed. thousands more injured in the past week, the military intervention sparked outrage in the u.s. and across the world. fors first time, we got an explanation from the interim prime minister. the world has seen the pictures, 900, a thousand dead in the pro-morsi camps? >> i am not sure you have seen the true pictures. >> do you wish that initial assault had gone differently? that there was too much force? >> we announced it, telling them this cannot continue. it is bad. we are open for dialogue. but they insisted. and they had weapons. and it was discovered. they used weapons. i am n
about it on "good morning america." for the very latest in breaking news, you can always stay with us on twitter at abc 2 news hashtag gmm. >>> 6:45 right now. demonstrations, public outcry and passionate pleas in front of city council did very little for those who are against a tax break for a developer in harbor east. many say this is a bad deal for people who live in the city and city leaders say it has to be done. abc 2 news' roosevelt leftwich is is live to explain. what happens now? >>reporter: well, megan, the votes to bring this package of tax incentives and also tax breaks out of committee was 3- 0. and what it's going to do is is transform this whole entire area here into something completely different for the city, but, however, this vote did not come without a big protest. now, the harbor point project would transform about 27 acres of waterfront property into a new headquarters for exelon corporation and bring in hundreds of apartments along with stores and restaurants. mayor stephanie rawlings blake is currently behind this. she and other supporters of the measure say
. the running of the bulls has come to america. and not everybody is cheering. abc's susan sellny has more. >> up to now, if you felt like running for your life hoping not to be gored to death by thousand pound bulls, it meant taking a trip to pamplona, spain. that was then, this is now. look closely. those are not the cobblestone streets of an ancient village. the dust being kicked up is on a racetrack in dinwoody, virginia, where an american version of the spanish spectacle has begun in a big way. it's the great bull run and may be coming to a town near you. >> can't wait, i'm excited. crazy adrenaline rush. >> when the bulls come out, i didn't know what to do. ran straight, turn around and ran into people. >> reporter: adventure seekers are signing up for upcoming events in atlanta, houston, dallas, chicago and other cities. >> everybody is going to see this, i can do that, run with the bulls, it's going to take off nationwide. >> reporter: but that's not without controversy. even the organizers recognize that bull running is inherently dangerous. this morning, two runners are recoverin
rights of u.s. persons. >>> a partner helped expose america's secret surveillance programs has filed a lawsuit over his detainment at heathrow airport. [ inaudible ] >> i yell at her and say, police, stop running. >> it shows these guys were actually doing exactly what they were train and how they were trained to do it. it was flawless. >> there are now 10 cameras being used, one by every officer on every shift. the laurel police department has been using the eyegrass cameras for about four months. >>> a michigan sheriff is now sending a message to drug dealers in his county. he puts drug dealers on notice with a slogan on the side of a confiscated car. his latest is a lincoln town car saying taken from a cocaine dealer and painted on the side. no taxpayer dollars are used in the process of converting those vehicles in for police use. >>> if you were watching "good morning maryland," news time is now 6:36. a live look at the inner harbor once again, the parking deck, off to a break. cloudy out there to start your thursday. lynette, is it going to rain all day? >> it's not going to
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morning, america. >>> we are following breaking news out of the philippines. hundreds missing after a ferry accident there. we are joined live with the latest. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, rob. this is really a race against time right now. the ferry was just a few hundred feet from shore when a cargo ship rammed into it. now it's a frantic search for survivors. this morning, divers are in the water, hoping to find the hundreds of people still missing. look at the power of this impact. it rips through the cargo ship. most of the 870 passengers and crew were sleeping when the ferry was sawed in half. the impact sounded like an explosion, many passengers were trapped. others had to jump into the ocean. the lucky ones got to the shore covered in gas and oil. shocked survivors waited for help. and out of the water, emergency workers rescued an 11-month old infant. the ferry sank so quickly, this man shows it rose right up to his neck. i thought about my child, he says. thank god someone saved us so quickly. at daybreak, families who didn't know if loved ones lived or di
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" was invited along to watch. >> it is always an amazing sight, isn't it? that here in america, at 5:00 a.m., with rain threatening, there is 1500 people out there. >> how are you doing? towards the front of the line, the horaney family is waiting, the early hours trying the twin's patience, this is the second year they have come. as a family, are you looking for dental and vision? >> they do, but what they have doesn't cover enough. we bring them here, once a year. >> reporter: brian and heather will get their teeth looked at. >> i have a couple of cavities that need to be filled. >> reporter: for their teenagers, their eyes. >> i have glasses. >> reporter: what is your ticket number? >> we're 101 to 110. >> reporter: the lowest numbers will get in first. those with the highest numbers could wait for days. oh, so you're one of the first in? >> yeah. >> reporter: good job. farther back in line, the ramos family has spent the long night in a car. >> they're going to have their eyes checked out. >> reporter: how are your eyes? >> they're okay, i just want to make sure o-- when i lean down r
america, in a country, an ally that's been vital to the stability of this region. are you worried that the muslim brotherhood is going to radicalize? that this will drive them underground and be more of a problem? >> i think this is a risk. >> reporter: and the killing of the supporters of the democratically-elected president, the prime minister compared it to the u.s. involvement in world war ii and vietnam. >> there are times when atrocities are committed. but this does not mean that this is a way of life. you people went to the world second war. >> reporter: a really stunning comparison. but the egyptian prime minister says he has no remorse for what has happened here. george? >> not turning back. martha, thanks very much. >>> we're going to turn, now, to new signs this morning that the housing market is heating up. home sales are showing another monthly spike this morning. good news for homeowners. also, a risk that buyers could get burned. with that, our financial contributor, betty lou. >> you said it, the national association of realtors is expected to show that home sales
weekend making ten grand? >> reporter: in jennifer aniston's latest movie "we're the millers" america's sweetheart gets racy, playing a burned out stripper. >> i'm not buying you, all right? i'm renting you. >> from the beginning, i said yes, thinking well, wouldn't that just be great? i have never played a stripper, at least not in film. and then this panic sets in about two or three weeks before, a week before the actual day of shooting. >> reporter: for nearly ten years, jennifer aniston has played the role of america's sweetheart, on screen o-- and i real life. >> jennifer. >> reporter: her path into her heart was carved out of sympathy for her very famous, public split from her husband, brad pitt, who was cast as a victim. who seemed meant to be more of a bridesmaid than a bride. i wonder why it is that people of are so invested in your happiness, whether or not you have children? >> what is it that defines happiness? it is different for everybody. it is a lot of projection, i am so content and happy that wherever i am, knowing that whatever is going to be will be. >> reporter: s
, good riddance. instead of a handout. >> reporter: so, behind me is america's eighth-largest city. and without question, one of its most beautiful. the question this morning, will this very ugly scandal finally come to an end? and, josh, we should know the answer to that in just a couple of hours. >> it's certainly been a long time coming. thank you, ryan owens for that. >>> we're going to turn to the story of a fisherman feared lost at sea, after falling overboard. but remarkably, he survives after treading water for hours. abc's john muller has the incredible story. >> reporter: this is the incredible moment when a 51-year-old fisherman finally makes it back on land, after almost 24 harrowing hours stranded at sea. steve moumouris' family, waiting in anticipation. >> he was in relatively good condition. dehydrated. but obviously happy to be alive. >> reporter: his story of survival begins wednesday afternoon, when moumouris set out for a fishing trip, off the coast of crystal river, florida. around 1:00 p.m., he texted his wife this picture of a fish he caught. when he headed ho
happening in america right now, a frightening amount of bear attacks. >> hikers, hunters and others are face to face with the hungry creatures preparing for hibernation. linzie janis has this story. >> reporter: this morning an alaska hunter is recovering after being brutally mauled by a brown bear. it all happened nearly 300 miles from civilization. it was an elaborate operation in an area so remote, rescuers needed to refuel their helicopter in mid-air just to get to him, more than 36 hours after the attack. it's at least the fifth bear attack in the u.s. in just three days. in michigan, 12-year-old abigail was going for a jog late thursday night when she too came face-to-face with a bear. >> she saw the bear out of the corner of her eye, started running and he came up behind her and knocked her down. >> reporter: in mere moments -- >> two large gashes along her thigh. she was bleeding quite a bit. >> reporter: the hunt is on with officials scattering traps. >> they will aggressively take care of this problem so this bear does not do it again. >> reporter: and in yellowstone national park,
next to the border with israel which, of course, is america's key ally in this region. the government saying it happened when the egyptian policemen were in two vans or buses when they were attacked by islamic militants with rocket-propelled grenades. the death toll continued to rise with skirmishes reported in a number of cities and, of course, the nighttime curfew still in effect not just in cairo but elsewhere, as well. egyptians struggling for normal life. not clear if it's a cease-fire or whether this is just the latest break with more violence to come. josh. >> muhammad lila in cairo, thank you. >>> police in oklahoma say three teenagers confessed to shooting an australian athlete for the fun of it. chris wage gunned down friday while on a daily training run. he had recently accepted a baseball scholarship to east central university just south of oklahoma city. investigators say the teens then shot a second random victim and later posted on facebook, bang, two drops in two hours. >>> and president obama back at the white house after wrapping his vacation on martha's vineyard ove
an endorsement today from the labor unions of north america. this is expected to happen at noon at the baltimore training fund on wilkins avenue. >>> more details about maryland's tax-free week. comptroller peter francha will hold a news conference at lech:30 at towson town center. tax-free week begins sunday, it runs through saturday, august 17th, and during tax-free week, qualifying shoes, clothing, priced less than $100 will be exempt from maryland's 6% sales tax. >>> megan? >> yes. >> we didn't win. >> i know. >> looks like you will have to report to work this morning just as we did. those winning lottery tickets for the powerball, there were three of them, but none of them here in maryland. two in jersey, one was in minnesota, so right before the drawing the jackpot had grown to $448 million and here are the winning numbers, 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and the powerball was 32. lele of -- lynette. >>> all right, charley, we got a lot of rain this morning, but we do have that patchy fog out there. i'll tell you when the rain moves in and when the fog moves out. that's all coming up. >>reporter: wel
years ago after first seeing it done in latin america. >> it doesn't fit me anymore. >> reporter: lisandra lanusa, 27 years old and married. and 20-year-old marlene beltran. each hope to drop 20 pounds in 30 days. you heard that right. 20 pounds in one month. and they're ready to take desperate and extreme measures to make it happen fast. >> in a month's time i will be going to hawaii. i'll be wearing this bikini. and hopefully, i'll be looking great. >> reporter: when it comes to food, lisandra can't help herself. >> i love eating everything. american food, korean. >> reporter: and neither can marlene. >> i have a sweet tooth. like in the middle of the night i'll be like oh, i want a brownie or i want ice cream. >> reporter: she wants to look like she did back when she was 16. and with that new rock hard body she's hoping to catch a man. >> this time i'm just really motivated because i am almost 21 and i do have plans. i want to look my best and feel good. >> reporter: and anxious to turn her tongue into a tormenting deterrent to dinner. >> reporter: what does it feel like is pr
shooting. we'll have live team coverage coming up on "good morning america." >>> now, to the wildfires burns out of control in the west. 50 fires in 9 western straits are straining national firefighting resources. the wind fire on the outside of yosemite national park has grown to 50-square miles. it's already destroyed two homes and five out buildings. meanwhile, the beaver creek wildfire in idaho has grown to 160-square miles, forced the evacuation of 1,200 homes and cost $112 million so far. it's forced fire officials to raise the national wildfire preparedness to level five for the first time in five years. >>> police in missouri have a suspect in custody for the disappearance of a 12-year-old girl. search efforts have been stepped up. she was seen as a local park. one witness told police they saw horton get into a pickup truck. >> it's not like it was when we grew up. we've got new people coming in here all the time. you don't even know who they are, where they're from. and what upsets me the most is, she knew this fella. she played with this guy's kids. >> borne is reportedly a f
, our martha raddatz in egypt, and a new warning for america. >>> got you, speed traps. we're out with police to show you clues before you hear that siren. >>> and the family photos are here. mom, dad and tiny prince george together at home. >> good evening on monday night. as we come on the air it is man versus nature and there is a map that se it all, a giant wildfire spreading through idaho and watch it grow over this weekend. bearing down now on sun valley and the vacation homes, the giant mansions of the rich and famous there. veteran firefighters are calling this fire a beast and abc's aditi roy is right there with them. >> reporter: the beaver creek wildfire burns deep in the hills near sun valley idaho and 1200 crews attacking the flames and smoke from above and below. firefighters are work is against hot, dry weather and wind gusts turning the fire into tornado-li tornado-like spirals. they are putting in a sprinkler system to protect the homes but most work is done with hand tools. they're digging away trees and anything flammable to make sure flames don't burn beyond th
online to order now. >>> this is world news tonight, america warships at the ready. will there be action at the new troubling images from syria tonight. the president huddling with national security team, doctors on the ground treating thousands of patients, revealing the symptoms tonight. abc's martha raddatz standing by in the region. yosemite on fire. our team inside the park tonight. how close are the flames to sites. a major city, that fire threatening power and water. remember the dream. tonight the march to washington 50 years after the reverend martin luther king made that dream first. how his "i have a dream" speech is being kept alive. and an american voice silenced. ♪ you're no good, baby you're no good ♪ >> singer linda rostadt revealed, the condition that has stolen her voice. >>> good evening, great to have you with us on a saturday night. we begin with that growing urgency over syria. american warships being repositioned, what is coming next? president obama in a rare white house meeting with his national security advisors today. this prompted the meeting. growing proo
in america are directly related to obesity. previous reports suggested that this number was only 8% in men and 12 percent in women. so researchers worry that this one health measure, our weight, could erase decades worth of gains in the country's life expectancy. the solution it would seem is in our hands, we have move, eat healthier and lose weight. your life may be one they are talking about. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. >>> if you want to avoid calls from your child's teacher, don't pack a soda in the lunch box. soda is linked to behavior problems in young kids. previous research made the link in teens but this is the first time sugary drinks are laced to behavior issues in younger childrens. five years old that show drink show aggression and difficulty paying attention. >>> choking is bad for children. the beltway for kids under 5 is to cut everything in small pieces and cut the food into triangle shapes because it will pass through if the food does get caught in a child's throat. >> at any age, particularly small kids, they should be sitting down when they eat ev
of the stories behind their big wins >> reporter: the ranks of america's million areas grew by three today. one of the winners coming forward in minnesota. >> i welcome paul white and present a check for 149.4 million. >> reporter: he bought ten dollars worth of tickets at eyelikal gas station. he said he didn't check them until his girlfriend called him. >> sure enough they were right and i said i will have to call you back and i started yelling . >> reporter: he is one of three lucky tickets. if you took the lump sum it's about half that. >> after taxes if they pick a cash lump sum payment it's about $58 million each. >> reporter: that's no pocket change, something that gives many pause before going public. officials say two grand prize tickets were sold in new jersey. the buyers still a mist. one was sold at this stop and shop, the other in new lake harbor. the city was hit hard last year by sandy. >> i was hoping it was someone who maybe lost their home and could have usedt. >> reporter: the winner also have big choices to make like whether to save or spend. >> imagine, go pick out you
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even a little better. visit america's best today to ask about our newest lenses, transitions vantage and transitions xtractive lenses. experience life well lit. ask which transitions adaptive lens is best for you own pancakes part 2 is a hit! i put caramel and bacon, says bobby. i like it when syrup goes down the side, says jenna. and michael was left speechless. build your own pancakes are back for a limited run, only at denny's. crews hope to have this wild fire under control as it cups raining, want to have it contained by today. the fie in is san ga kindto mountains stopped advancing. camp gowppedz and trailers are closed and evacuation orders in communities remain in effect. the fie was injured, 10 firefighters and burned a biker and charred 26 homes. take a look, flash flooding destroying cars and homeses this in the state of colorado. heavy rains sent waters flowing to the streets and highways trapping thrives and walking away cars. up with home was reported to have been swept away by the fast moving waters. you can understand why. dozens of cars destroyed by the waters and d
. their lives about to change. here is abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: meet paul white, america's newest multi-millionaire. less than 12 hours after the drawing those 45 electrical engineer came forward to collect his share of the $485 million jackpot. >> i feel this pressure off my shoulders that you carry every day with you. i have two kids. am i going to be able to pay for them to go to college? all these things gone. >> reporter: after taxes he is $175 million richer. the remaining will be split between two mysterious millionaires, one ticket bought here in south brunswick, new jersey. there are several other newly minted millionaires today, in colorado, texas and oklahoma, powerball ticket holders earned a $2 million prize. there were $1 million winner in a total of 16 states. white says he's been banking on this win for a while, something he joked about in a game with his siblings. >> the joke was their financial plan consists is of playing the lottery. everybody picked my name and they thought it was funny then. who is right now? >> reporter: white says his first purchase is likely goin
away from dying, beating the odds, and becoming one of america's longest heart transplant survivors. >> if you're a person waiting for a transplant or waiting with a disease, it will give you new life. >> these days it's just another cardiac operation. >> reporter: like orlando, he sees a future using artificial and mechanical hearts. >> will we be able to grow hearts in a dish the way they just grew a hamburger in a dish? that's way in the future. >> reporter: an amazing story of a man who is all heart. >> i'm so proud of him and how hard he's worked to get to this point and he continues to work hard every day and take each day one at a time. >> and as time clicks away, so does orlando's heart. orlando leads a normal life. he works out, eats right, takes his medicine and checks in wh dr. casper. happily ever after, 30 years later. >>> an abc news exclusive tonight. one family's private anguish is making headlines around the globe. nearly 15 years ago a newborn was kidnapped from a chicago hospital and later returned. but now after months of investigation by abc news and 20/20, barb
, isn't he? >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, new york. >> thank you, aditi. >>> now, to an abc news exclusive. a truly remarkable story. the fbi is, in fact, looking for your help this morning. reopening an almost half-century-old mystery. kidnapping and mistaken identity. a remarkable story coming to light thanks to months of work by our barbara walters. barbara here with us this morning. and this all started when a newborn was stolen from a hospital in chicago. >> that's right. and by the way, you mentioned my colleagues. this is the abc investigative unit. and we're very big. imagine a mother whose baby is stolen out of her arms. she gets the baby back. or so she thinks. and now, almost 50 years later, that son she raised has come forward to speak exclusively to us. looking at old family photographs of paul fronczak is a strange experience. because the baby in his baby pictures is not him. how do you feel when you see this picture? >> i feel like i want to find him and hug him and make sure he's okay. >> reporter: paul fronczak recently discovered his ent
. and that's part of what america is all about. >> the president will continue his bus tour today, with a town hall stop at binghamton, university, and in scranton, pennsylvania. biden is expected to appear with the president. >>> presidential praise for the hero of the week, antoinette tuff. she's the worker who talked down the gunman at a school near atlanta on tuesday. as she was waiting to make a tv appearance, tuff took a call from the president. he thanked her for courage under pressure. tuff called their conversation, quote, awesome. >> she is, quote, awesome. >>> former nfl star aaron hernandez has been formally indicted on murder and weapons charges. during a brief court appearance yesterday, hernandez was charged in the death of semipro football player, odin lloyd. hernandez's attorney says there's been a rush to judgment in this case and prosecutors cannot prove the charges. >>> ryan braun of the milwaukee brewers is saying he's sorry for using performance-enhancing drugs. in a statement yesterday, braun says he deserved the 65-game suspension that he's currently servin
fighting each other. they belong to this country, they are brothers. despite being one of america's greatest allies in this volatile region, the prime minister knows the us is now considering cutting off more than one billion dollars it gives egypt each year. >> what if the u.s. cuts off military aid? >> this will be a very bad sign. it will definitely affect the military for some time, but at least one of benefits of being human, you can survive. >> reporter: despite it all, the prime minister predicts that there will be free elections here within months. but he also acknowledged the bloodshed may not be over, diane? >> thanks so much, martha. great to have you reporting out of egypt tonight. you can see more of it on "nightline." >>> a strange twist today back here at home and the strange drama with the mayor of san diego embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. even amid a chorus of citizen complaints that he should go, including what someone wrote in the sky r surrounder bob. >> reporter: san diego, one of america's most beautiful cities spent its summer embroiled in a very u
grounds. flood waters caused one death and damaged hundreds of homes. good morning america will have more on this and the rains and the flooding at 7:00 this morning. >>> another story for you that we are following this morning. one we told you about. the wild fire-- the massive fire in the nairobi airport in ken yeah. we are learning about a local group of -- kenya. we are learning about a local group of volunteers from harford county that are stuck there. they are from habitat for humanity susquehanna. they went overseas to heap international chapter build a home. they were supposed to fly home wednesday night but now they have no idea when they are going to be able to get on the flight out because of the damage to the airport and it's caused so many cancellations in the area. >> the work that has to be done to get it back to operational is going to be huge. it's going to be big. >> the volunteers are well cared for and they are safe and patient. so we hope to bring you the story of when they ng a flight they were hoping last night that didn't happen. so we will continue to follow thei
this morning on "good morning america." that starts at 7:00 right here on abc 2. >>> 17 minutes after 5:00. today bo biden is expected to be released from the homent. vice president joe biden says that his son had a successful medical procedure at a cancer center in houston. there's no word on what that procedure was. the delaware attorney general was being evaluated after becoming weak and disoriented last week. >>> a family in ohio says they witnessed a miracle earlier this month. tony yall was found unresponsive and family members did cpr and he was eventually taken to the hospital. he was pronounced dead, but 45 minutes later as nurses prepared for his family, he started showing signs of life. his cardiologist says this is beyond rare. >> for the last 20 years i've never seen anybody who we have pronounced dead and actually basically saw there was no activity when whee stopped doing all our efforts and then for him to come back, i never seen it. actually, i never heard of it. >> yahl says there's only one factor that seemed to work. they say it was simply divine. >>> well, the ill
. >>> good morning topping america's money wall street opens today coming off what was the worst week of the year for the dow. the blue chips lost more than 2% last week. selling was cued weak reports from retailers and concerns about the fed. jp morgan chase is under investigation for hiring practices in china. "new york times" reports the sec is looking into whether the bank hired the children of chinese officials to help it procure business in china. and a rare 1967 ferrari has seat record as the most expensive car ever sold at august. it was one -- at auction. it was one built stoled a canadian fashion mogul and proceeds will go to charity. lee daniels in the butler stars forest whitaker and oprah winfrey topped the weekend box office with 25 million dollars. we are the millers was second and that's america's money. i am diane perez, have a great day everyone. >>> it's been a mission in baltimore to tear down the vacant abandoned homes and to mack way for new development and now the program is getting connected up a notch. the city plans on knocking down about 1500 homes over the
disproportionately in minorities. unfortunately it's in big cities around america. we have record low of murders and shootings. we're doing something right to save lives. >> the origin law chute was filed by a medical student who says she was stopped twice. who he has to live in one of america's cities want their mayor out. started this sunday. he is said to return to work this week after undergain behavior therapy. more than a dozen women have accused him of inappropriate advances. and if they get enough support an election could be called in just three months time. >>> penn state is paying out. victims the jerry san dusky trial. so far 26 out of 31 are very close in reaching a deal. in and deals are coming together as going to trial for an alleged cover up. >>> yore to egypt now the government says 79 people were killed yesterday in fighting. security forces and those of the muslim brotherhood. bringing the total death toll no four days to nearly 900. egyptians wondering what's next. abc richard has more on this report. >> reporter: on the streets of kier, the egypt military emerged posed a he
, america. i'm steve levy. and this is your "sportscenter" update. yankees and red sox got together last night played a little baseball game. mixed in a little fireworks, ryan dempster nailed alex rodriguez in the second inning. dempster was warned. joe girardi came flying out of the yankees dugout. he was ejected. got into it with the umpire, brian o'nora. yankees won the game. >> whether you like me or hate me, that's wrong and unprofessional and silly and kind of a silly way to get somebody hurt on your team as well. >> i agree with everything that's going on, you do not flow at people and you don't take, you know, the law into your own hands. you don't do that. we'll skip the judicial system? it's "my cousin vinny." >> meanwhile, in professional football, new york giants taking on andrew luck. luck hit as he throws this. right to wedgie wayne. just like they drew it up. ross saying, you know what, it's the preseason for everybody. 107 yards and two scores and the colts beat the giants, 20-12. for more in the word of sports check out "sportscenter" live on espn at 9:00 a.m. eastern. i
every day. and once you've got verizon fios, that's when you get it -- america's fastest, most reliable internet takes your entertainment to ridiculous levels. i was streaming videos, movies, music. once i realized how fast it was, that's when i got it. [ male announcer ] and now you can get it too, for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for 2 years, plus your choice of a $300 gift card or a $300 visa prepaid card with a 2-year agreement. technology that makes life more entertaining, call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800.974.6006 tty/v. >>> the controversial plan to vail section of baltimore's inner harbor is taking a step forward. city council gave preliminary approval to the project in a vote last night. the city plans to borrow more than 100 million dollars to pay for roads, parks and infrastructure for the harbor point site between harbor east and fells point. the opponents say the money could go to other things need for work in the city. supporters include mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and they said project will create hundreds of j
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